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Stained grout looks awful but as you know, it’s SO difficult to get clean. I’ve tried various baking soda recipes, bleach, peroxide and a gazillion other things. Unfortunately, none of these options got all the stains out. All I know is, it’s clean! It just doesn’t look it.poly

This isn’t the fastest project in the world, but it is the most effective that I know of. You can purchase this magical product at your local Home Depot. It should cost around $13.00 for a bottle. Each bottle covers about 35 to 40 square feet. You’ll also want to purchase a small paint brush. The bottle recommends you use a toothbrush to apply. You have way more control with a paint brush. Make sure to wipe off any that gets on your tile immediately. This stuff sets fast so you don’t have a ton of time. This product is also fade and stain resistant.

The first step is to clean your floors really well. Once everything is dry, you can get into focus mode. You’ll need it for the next several hours. You literally paint your grout line with this product. To get yourself through, here are some before and after pictures. Perhaps they’ll motivate you to keep pushing through.

After you’ve completed this grueling task, you’ll get to enjoy stain proof grout! Spills, muddy shoes and normal wear won’t touch your new looking grout job. Essentially, this stuff is sort of like paint….except better since it won’t wear out. Feel free to share this with your friends. Help us end the dirty grout days. This is 2017, we don’t have to have dirty grout anymore.

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These days, a new invention is created every time you blink. Some of these interesting inventions work well, and others not so much. It’s really neat to be living in this day and age though. We get to test out all these cool products. Here are our favorites.

Image result for self cooling towelFirst up, the self cooling towel! All you have to do is soak it in water, wring it out and snap it. Instant cooling! This neat effect can last for several hours. This particular one has a carrying case and is RoHS approved. For just $7.99, you can enjoy this great product. 51zqQ%2BtaQgL. SL1001

We found the coolest little hand held, mini air conditioner. We didn’t test out this product ourselves, but the reviews are mixed. People say the air is cool but that it doesn’t blow very well. It’s a great concept though! Perhaps in a few years we can revisit this and they will have improved upon their great invention.

Image result for cooling vestIf you work outside, a cooling vest looks like a pretty good item to invest in. The popular idea seems to be getting the vest wet. Some of them you wring out, some of them have a built in gel. I imagine working in a hot attic or as a landscaper outside, this would be a fantastic item to add to the wardrobe. The prices range from as little as $20 up to around $200. Just read reviews and remember you get what you pay for.Solaration® 7001 White Fan Baseball Golf Hat

This item has got to be my favorite. I’d probably only purchase it as a gag gift, but it’s awesome. It’s a baseball cap with built in fan! If the fan on it was better, I’d probably consider wearing one of these regularly. It’s another one with a great concept but poor performance. This idea probably won’t go any further than the phase it’s in now so don’t get too excited about it.

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Realistically, if you are going to be walking around at a festival or anywhere for long periods of time, you may want to invest in a sun umbrella. They have tons of these from plain to stylish. This great product provides personal shade and protection from UV rays! This is a great product for your children too. Sunblock paired with a sun umbrella and your little human should be pretty well protected.

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Summer time brings outdoor activities for some of us and the rest of us would rather hang out inside, in the air conditioning. If that’s you, we don’t blame you. Georgia gets HOT! In order to keep you entertained and productive, we’ve compiled a small list of projects you can do indoors this summer.winnndowe

We’ve all seen the random old windows sitting in front of antique stores. If you’re like me, you probably wondered what the heck those are for. Well, I figured it out! You can turn the window sideways and paint the back of the glass different colors. Flip it around, hang it and BAM! You now have a nice dry erase board that is a huge step up from the ugly white ones.

Have you seen those beautiful sunburst mirrors? These things are EXPENSIVE in the store. I saw one in Target for over $100. You can make your own for under $20. All you need is twigs, glue and a small framed mirror. After you glue your twigs to the frame, allow to dry for 24 hours.

Hop in my time machine and I’ll take you back to the 90’s! Remember the perler bead projects? Well, they’re back! Except this time, a bit more mature. In past times I only made lizard key chains. Now I realize the potential of these awesome plastic pieces. You can make lids for your beverages to keep flies out, coasters or even tribal jewelry! This is also a kid friendly craft. They can make cute little key chains while you craft things for your home.

aloe-vera-ice-cubes-final2If you or your family members do plan on playing in the sun, be prepared! Sometimes we as humans make errors. Sometimes those errors land us a sunburn. Freeze aloe gel in an ice cube tray to have on standby in case someone starts turning into a lobster. This is such a soothing feeling when your skin stings from the burn.

While there are thousands upon thousands of projects you can tackle in the summer, the above are our favorites. Have you created one of these yourself? Do you have other great DIY projects to escape the summer heat? Let us know in the comments! We love the creativity.

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Georgia definitely brings the heat during the summer months. The vast majority of us struggle with this and do everything we can to stay cool. Luckily, we’ve figured out a few tricks to help with that mission.

Choose cotton for your bedding. A light color is helpful as well. Cotton is more breathable than most bedding options out there. Due to this fact, you maintain a better level of ventilation. We’re also lucky enough to be living in a day and age where there are inventions for everything. There are bed fans that are placed at the end of your bed and just beneath your covers. If you become a furnace when you sleep, I highly recommend this product. If you prefer a more natural option, you could place a frozen water bottle in your bed. Just make sure it’s sealed tight!

coldshowerWhile it may sound uncomfortable, take a cold shower. This will help to decrease your core temperature. It won’t keep you cool forever but it will certainly help for a quick temperature drop.

If you’re hanging out inside and it seems hot, dampen a bed sheet. You get a bonus if it’s white! Hang the sheet in front of an open window and the breeze across the damp sheet will help make you feel cooler.

In cases when your extra hot and need to cool down immediately, dip your feet in ice cold water. Your feet and head have a lot to do with your entire body temperature. The cooler your feet are, the colder your entire body will be.peppermint

If you’re into essential oils, use your peppermint oil to your advantage. It leaves a cool sensation on the skin. Rub a drop or two on your neck. This is a completely natural technique that works well.

Last but not least, my most unknown tip. Toss your down pillows and invest in buckwheat pillows. They don’t retain heat like regular pillows, which make for a much cooler sleeping experience.

Stay cool this summer! If you have any other great tips you’d like to share, feel free to let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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It’s our job to keep you comfortable at home. We wish we could keep you comfortable everywhere you go, but unfortunately that’s simply impossible. Since that’s the case, we at least want to share these camping hacks with you so you can maintain a better level of comfort when your home away from home is the woods.

Get familiar with poisonous plants that may be lurking near your tent. Poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak are a nightmare for your skin.


These awful plants grow everywhere. They contain urushiol. This oil is what causes your skin to gain an itchy, blistery rash. If you know you’ve come in contact with one of these plants, wash your hands with soap and water immediately. Alcohol wipes can help too. If it’s too late for you, soak a rag in apple cider vinegar and hold it on the rash. This is going to burn pretty intensely but it will kill the poison. After, use a banana peel or cucumber slices to sooth the area.

Check yourself and your family for ticks regularly. This little buggers can bring a whole lot of health issues to your world. The best way to prevent this is to prevent them from getting on you at all. Create your own repellent with 1 part tea tree oil and 2 parts water. Mix it up and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it on your shoes, socks, pant cuffs and anywhere your clothes cling to your skin. Lightly mist on exposed skin.


Cut up a straw into 1″ sections. Burn one end closed. Add antibiotic ointment and seal shut on the other end. You now have one time use ointment without having to bring the entire tube with you. If you need further instruction, visit YouTube. They have plenty of videos explaining how to do this.


If you like your coffee in the morning, be sure to make single serving coffee bags. You can use empty tea bags or small coffee filters. Add enough coffee ground for one cup of coffee to each tea bag or coffee filter. If you’re using a coffee filter, tie it up. Once complete, store them in a small tupperware. All you will need now is your coffee cup and some water warmed over the fire. Let it steep for 5 minutes. Enjoy! 


When I first started camping, I always struggled with where to store my pots and pans when not in use. My problem has been solved with a belt and hooks. All you have to do is put the belt around the tree and secure. Add hooks and you’re done! Now you can hang all your pots and pans up. This is especially convenient when they’re drying.e0c42869e0b033b638168eb7ed75ecf1

To make hand washing less complicated in the woods, fill an empty laundry soap container with water. Put bungee cords around it and attach a paper towel holder on top. Add a paper towel roll, a bottle of soap and you’ve got yourself a hand washing station!

If mosquitoes are a problem for you, try burning a bundle of sage in your campfire. It won’t make this disappear but it will help to keep them away from your area for a little bit. Everyone’s body chemistry is different but you can experiment with the following essential oils: citronella, lemon eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, catnip, basil, clove, thyme, lemongrass, geranium and lavender as natural repellent. You’ll want to add 2 oz of distilled water, 1 oz of witch hazel or vodka and 50-75 drops of any of the above essential oils. Mist yourself the same way you would with regular bug spray.

Do you have any other great camping tips to share? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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